The future of journalism is an open question.

As journalism professors, it can sometimes be hard to know what to teach. We know our journalism students need to be flexible, ready to adapt to changing realities, and willing to embrace uncertainty. But how do we prepare them for this?

Here at Journalism + Design, we believe that design and systems thinking are powerful tools for grappling with the unknown. We put together this toolkit to help educators everywhere introduce these concepts to their students.

On this site, you’ll find exercises and assignments that you can use in class, sample syllabi from J+D professors, and evaluation rubrics to assess student work. We’ve also created a deck of activity cards, full of thought-provoking prompts, to inspire playful learning and new ideas.

Everything is free for you to use, adapt, or remix. You can learn more here about the pedagogical ideas behind Journalism + Design, and we invite you to share your feedback or suggest new resources by sending us an email.



A fun and interactive tool for the classroom, with bite-sized prompts to encourage new ideas and perspectives.

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Evaluation Rubrics

Assessment tools for educators and students to reflect on their work and identify areas for improvement.

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Exercises & Assignments

Playful activities to get students thinking about and practicing journalism in new ways.

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A collection of syllabi from recent J+D classes, plus a template to build your own.

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