The Journalism + Design toolkit includes resources for educators to spur thought and action when working with students.

The toolkit includes resources for instruction, curriculum design, and assessment. Journalism educators can use them to plan classes, support student projects, or just learn more about this approach. Working journalists might also find them useful.

These open educational resources are free for you to use, adapt or remix. We invite you to share your feedback or suggest new resources by mentioning @journodesign on Twitter or by sending us an email.


Activity Cards

Playful tools for classroom activities with bite-sized prompts to guide your explorations of reporting and storytelling.

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Evaluation Rubrics

Tools to help educators and students assess their work and identify areas for improvement. 

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Exercises & Assignments

Activities to try with students in the classroom or as homework assignments.

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Curricular plans that shine a light on new ideas in journalism, design, and education. 

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